Speciality Potatoes

Speciality Potatoes

We have been growing some special potatoes this year, and the Pink Fir Apple and Mayan Gold varieties are available in the farm shop now.

Pink Fir Apple are a traditional variety, long and knobbly with a pink skin and creamy, yellow flesh. They have a delicious knutty flavour, and are best boiled in their skins. Delicious boiled, steamed, baked as jackets, or used cold in salads.

Originally from the foothills of the Andes of Peru, Mayan Gold is golden coloured  with a slightly nutty, earthy flavour, and is the perfect variety for chips and roast. Aimed at the premium/speciality sector, Mayan Gold has already been bought by many top chefs, for use in their own restaurants; a real testament to the unique taste and flavour of this variety.



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